how to clean gold plated jewelry

What does tarnish on silver jewelry mean?

Tarnish occurs on silver and other jewelry when the surface of the piece combines with sulfur, body oils, makeup, sweat, and other outside substances. In the case of silver jewelry, when silver combines with sulfur it creates silver sulfide, which looks black. There are varying degrees of tarnish, making your pieces look slightly dull …

How to restore tarnished silver?

Silver Cleaning Cloth. Perhaps the easiest way to turn tarnished silver jewelry back to normal state is to use a cleaning cloth. These little miracles need only to be rubbed gently over your silver jewelry and other precious metals to restore them to their former beauty.

How to remove tarnish from silver jewelry?

Using a mild dish soap of your preferred scent, combine soap and warm water in a bowl until the solution is foamy.

How long should I soak jewelry?

Next, place the jewelry into the bowl and allow to soak for about thirty minutes. You can add multiple pieces to the solution if needed, but be careful not to overcrowd it. Once the time is up, remove pieces one by one and place in a second bowl of pure water to rinse.

Can you clean silver jewelry with salt water?

Before starting, however, check to see if the jewelry that needs cleaning will be okay soaking in a saltwater solution. Most stones and gems should be okay, as well as most all precious metals, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Can you wear tarnished jewelry again?

Over time, it’s natural for jewelry to become dull, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be worn ever again. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean tarnished jewelry, you’re in luck.

Can you wear a bracelet to work?

It’s your favorite necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry, and it always adds something extra to your outfit—until it starts looking a little off color. Over time , it’s natural for jewelry to become dull, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be worn …

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