where to sell jewelry

When Should I Sell My Jewelry Pieces?

People will always have room for the classics and current trends, so the real determinant of when to sell your jewelry is seasonality. The three main calendar events that can increase your sales are:

How Can I Get the Most for My Jewelry?

Jewelry is a style-driven industry and is highly influenced by individuals’ preferences and current trends. Having a deeper understanding of your jewelry collection can help you receive the best prices for the pieces you’re looking to sell.

How Can I Consign My Jewelry Online?

Consignment is a mutual agreement between you and a consignment vendor, where you transfer the selling efforts into the hands of professionals to achieve the highest selling price possible.

Choose the Right Consignment Vendor

When selling your jewelry collection, choose a consignment vendor that specializes in luxury jewelry and attracts a wide market of the right buyers. Make sure buyers trust the vendor’s inventory. Luxury shoppers value transparency, often relying on gemologists’ and appraisers’ professional opinions before committing to a piece.

Understand How the Consignment Process Works

Learning how to consign jewelry is simple. The online consignment process generally involves these three steps:

Entrust Your Consigned Pieces to Dover Jewelry

The passionate team of gem and jewelry specialists at Dover Jewelry welcomes new clientele around the globe. We can guide you through the consignment process and orchestrate every detail, from determining the appropriate pieces to showcasing them to a wide market of prospective buyers.

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